Ratzenberger – derived from Ratzenberg. On a wall in Ratzenberg, Kreis Lindau is written the family tree of Matthaeus Ratzenberger, the house or resident doctor of Luther (1501-1559).

The Ratzenberger surname originates  in Germany. There are three branches of the Ratzenberger tree that I am aware of. There is a “Sudetenland” (a German-speaking enclave of Czechoslovakia consisting mostly of well-to-do farmers) branch, an Austrian branch and a Hungarian branch (Thanks to Lucy Ratzenberger for this information). It appears that families of  one or more of these branches emigrated to the USA. My family traces to the Hungarian branch.
I am trying to collect as much information as possible on the Ratzenberger surname and will be trying to pull it all together. I hope that there are others interested and having information they are willing to share out there.
If you have any information to share or are interested in my research, please contact me at Roger’s email.

A historical connection – my great-grandfather, Joseph Ratzenberger, was a sworn witness to history – 1st in flight with a heavier than air motorized aircraft. Before the Wright Brothers was Gustave Whitehead.

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