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Some information for genealogists that share my “Ratzenberger” interest.

A note of interest to Ratzenberger genealogists. I have made contact with Mr. Peter B. Johnson, a British journalist and writer. He formerly worked for Reuters and the BBC. He has written two books based upon diaries that he has kept for more than 53 years.
“Reuter Reporter in Divided Germany 1955-58” ($15 US, 6.95 £, 22 DM)
“Reuter Reporter Among the Communists1958-59” ($17 US, 8 £, 26 DM)
(both – $30 US, 13.5 £, 44 DM)
Besides the general interest of these books, they contain references to the Ratzenbergers who founded the vineyard in Steeg near Bacharach (Germany).
If anyone is interested in acquiring copies of these books, they may be obtained from the author:
Mr. Peter Johnson – 47 Braeside; Beckenham; Kent BR3 1ST; England