Why “The Ratzenberger Attic”? It’s amazing the types of things that you find in the attic, old photos, interesting artifacts from bygone days, old programs, yearbooks, etc. My genealogy research was the original impetus for the construction of this web site. Slowly, my love of baseball crept in, mostly focusing on my baseball quest. The website’s name reflects these basic themes that have evolved: genealogy research and the historical recollections of my baseball quest. The kind of things that you might find in an old trunk in your attic.

To see information on my family tree or information on the Ratzenberger surname in general, please go to my Genealogy pages. Maybe you can help me identify the pictured individuals on my Who Am I? page.

Masthead_shea_citiIf you have an interest in Baseball, you’ll want to check out my Baseball pages (you can also click on the photo at left). My baseball interests and exploits are detailed there, including my Baseball Quest and my favorite team, the Mets. I also have a blog, The Baseball Stadium Connoisseur, where I discuss my travels and baseball related topics that I am interested in.

The re-design and migration of this site is back in progress but is progressing a bit slower than I’d like as my primary focus in on DocAdamsBaseBall.org.

This is a critical time as Dr. Daniel Lucius ‘Doc’ Adams will next be eligible for election to the National Baseball Hall of Fame at the 2021 MLB Winter meetings (for the 1st time since 2015).

Thank you for your patience as this site will not likely be back up until late this year.

If you have any genealogy questions or something related to the Baseball Stadium Connoisseur, you can send a message via the Contact Us page.