Yes I am a Mets fan, but most importantly, I am a baseball fan. Here are some of my baseball memories where the Mets weren’t on the field.

Here is the memorable games that I have attended (excluding Mets moments. These are events that I was present at (watching on TV doesn’t count).

2003 Eastern League Playoffs In what appeared to be an unfair advantage of the New Britain Rock Cats to use Eric Milton in the decisive game of the Eastern League Playoffs. However, Milton gives up a 505 foot bomb to Anthony Sanders over the Green Monster at Yale Field and loses the game 2-1.
August 19, 2004 Astros vs. Phillies. Trailing 7-2 at Citizen’s Bank Park and the Phillies with the bases loaded, the Astros turn a triple play (hit into by Todd Pratt) and turn around the game. The score ten unanswered runs and end up winning the game 12-10. In 40 years of watching professional baseball, its the first triple play that I’ve seen.
August 9, 2007 The return of Rick “The Babe” Ankeil. There can’t be many people who can say that they were at the Mets/Cardinals 2000 play-off games where Rick “Wild Thing” Ankiel brought back memories of Steve Blass and then some as well as his the game he started his outfield career with a homerun. We were luckily enough to be in that small club to witness this great feel good story first hand. Good luck Rick!
June 21, 2009 The inagural Hall of Fame Classic. An Old Timer’s Game with Hall of Famers participating at Doubleday Field is much more enjoyable for true baseball fans than the previous format of two major league teams playing minor league players. Loved it.
June 20,2010 The second Annual Hall of Fame Classic in Cooperstown. With two outs and Jeff Kent batting, Jeff ripped a ball towards right field. 2nd baseman Tim McIntosh fires his glove about 20 feet in the air, hits the ball and catches it before it hits the ground recording the third out (Hall of Fame rules) as Jeff falls to the ground in shock.