OK Mets Fans – what do you really think of Citi Field?

After attending the 1st event (St. John’s vs. Georgetown), the Mets 1st game (exhibition vs. the Red Sox) and now the 1st regular season game, I thought that Citi Field would start feeling like home. However, it’s like watching the … Continue reading

My first opinion piece – why do you go to a baseball game?

Well, when I read the article on MLB.com that I was quoted in, there was another quote in the article that got me thinking. Without naming names, the quote was, “I went to my first baseball game with my dad there … Continue reading

Welcome to my quest

I started this blog to chronicle my continued quest for baseball experiences. I was also hoping that others would share their personal experiences, either watching, playing or coaching at any level. Baseball is a theme that ties generations together. So … Continue reading