Daniel Lucius “Doc” Adams for the Hall of Fame

Hi Baseball fans!

Help put Daniel Lucius “Doc” Adams in the National Baseball Hall of Fame.
Time is running short. I’d like to ask you to take a few minutes to support a petition that will hopefully lead to the recognition of Daniel Lucius “Doc” Adams as a pioneer of the game of baseball through enshrinement in the National Baseball Hall of Fame. It’s about time that baseball honored those that helped develop and nurture the game rather than perpetuate myths and half truths.

Please take a few minutes and find out more about Doc and “sign” the petition. Please feel free to share it with your friends and family.

Thanks for your time and support.


For more see “Daniel Lucius “Doc” Adams – Long Overlooked Baseball Pioneer” on MLBReports.com.

Visit my Doc Adams page on my website.

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Daniel Lucius “Doc” Adams for the Hall of Fame — 1 Comment

  1. Roger – My sister and I cannot thank you enough for ALL that you have done to help us get as far with the petition as we have: your articles, your postings, your “underground” contacts/knowledge etc…..we are so very grateful. Just know that she and I are doing this not just for Doc, but our late father (Daniel) and late grandfather (Roger), Doc’s youngest child…..they loved the grand-game of BB and I like to believe that my father is up there somewhere saying to me what he OFTEN said to me in relation to my miserable schoolwork: Keep pitching!!
    Best, Marjorie

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