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James “The Orator” O’Rourke Statue Unveiled — 3 Comments

  1. Thanks for sharing the wonderful story of James O’Rourke and this beautiful Statue. I enjoyed your article… your dedication to our national pastime is obvious! Keep up the fine job.

    Yours in baseball,
    Mike Bielawa
    Author of Bridgeport Baseball; Baseball in Baton Rouge and
    From FarField to NewField: The baseball Dream of Orator Jim O’Rourke;
    James O’Rourke Statue Committee

  2. Thank you very much for covering this event. I really appreciate your kind words about my work. Great photos too.
    Take care and thank you again,

    Susan Clinard
    Sculptor of the James O’Rourke Statue

  3. I enjoyed your article, thank you for all of it: as a European I did not know much about baseball, but you opened me to it!
    I like your apreciation of Susan’s work, being an artist too (and her mother-in-law), I am really very happy that you covered this event so well.
    Thanks, you are a great journalist!


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