Just a Little Bit about Me…

Hello my name is Roger Ratzenberger Jr. My genealogy research provided me with the idea of starting this website. It’s been fun working on it (when I have the time). I’ll expand it little by little as time permits. I am a member of the Connecticut Society of Genealogists.

Photography is one of those hobbies that I am trying to find the time to enjoy again.

As you may have guessed, baseball is my favorite pastime and my allegiance is pledged to the NY Mets. I have had several opportunities to be published in one form or another and these can be found at “My Publications”. I just completed my 3rd Masters degree, an MBA at the University of New Haven. I can’t praise the UNH EMBA program enough. The NHVN-58 cohort that I was a part of was and will always remain the best. Congratulations and thanks to everyone. A highlight of my experience at UNH was the Business Strategy Game and being able to compete in the Best Strategy Invitational. I was lucky enough to win (I Bad Company) and am a charter member of the Business Strategy Game Hall of Fame as a Grand Champion. Here’s an article from the Connecticut Post on my Business Strategy Invitational experience. It was also referenced in a UNH EMBA ad for the EMBA program.

A couple of personal links: My patents:

Patent 6,178,412Patent 6,816,845Patent 7,319,989
Patent 6,188,997Patent 6,847,952Patent 7,769,700
Patent 6,477,512Patent 7,272,581 Patent 7,908,217
Patent 6,499,020Patent 7,305,710 

Patent 7,272,581 was a special one as I was named as one of Pitney Bowes’ 2008 Inventors of the year. Here’s the press release.