To me baseball has been a passion ever since I saw my first game at age 7, at Yankee Stadium  (It’s still hard for me to accept that). At age 8, I saw my first game at Shea Stadium and have been a New York Mets fan ever since. Although my loyalties are pledged to the Mets, I am, in general, a big fan of the great game of baseball.

My quest started out as a desire to see a game in all of the active Major League Baseball stadiums. I first completed that chase in 2008 (at least temporarily) in Washington at Nationals Park, seeing a game in my 39th Major League stadium. However, as old stadiums are retired and new ones replace them, my quest will always continue.

The interesting aspect of my quest is that although it started out with a plan to attend games at all of the Major League stadiums it has expanded into a kind of odyssey that has started to take on somewhat mythological proportions. My search is no longer limited to just attend games at Major League stadiums but has expanded to include visits to many other baseball related sites – minor league parks, amateur fields, museums, historical sites and special events.

My travels have taken me to all corners of the continental US, Canada and Japan. From the big cities of New York, Los Angeles and Chicago to the corn fields of Iowa. It has been a great way to see the country and a great way to spend time with my family and friends. What started out as a well defined plan is now a mission with no end in sight. Looking back, the visit to the Field of Dreams in Dyersville, Iowa with my wife, Cathy and two sons, Bobby and Dan had to be the premier moment. The four of us playing catch there was just magical. Playing catch with my sons at the Family Catch on Doubleday Field at the 1st Annual Hall of Fame Classic weekend in Cooperstown is a close second.

My wife Cathy, and sons (Bobby and Danny) have joined me on much of the journey and shares the active Major League stadium quest with me. You can find the details of her quest at:

and Bobby and Danny’s quest at:

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My stadium progress with the Active 30 Stadiums.

I’ve seen a few games in the day….


After I completed my MLB Stadium Quest (again), I helped my wife, Cathy complete hers. Once she completed hers, w are in position to go forward in unison. For the first time, we checked off the last of the active 30 with a trip to Atlanta’s SunTrust Park and we did it again with Globe Life Field in Arlington, TX.