Here is my personal baseball top 10 events. These are events that I was present at (watching on TV doesn’t count). Also, since I have a Mets-specific Top 10, I will not include any Mets’ events here. So here goes…

10 Attending the 1st Hall of Fame Game weekend separate from the induction ceremonies with a group of my friends.
9 Meeting James “Cool Papa” Bell in front of JJ Newbury’s in Cooperstown on Induction weekend.
8 Being served my lunch by Bobby Valentine at his former restaurant in Norwalk, CT.
7 Being taken to my first baseball game by my parents and Grand Aunt and Uncle.
6 Having my father let me go up and meet Willie Mays when his question was selected in contest.
5 Working on my hitting with my grandfather as he “invented” a mechanism to practice with.
4 Most of the times spent at the Milford International Little League.
3 The Milford Wasson League 16-year-old Babe Ruth team (with my son Bobby) wins the 2003 CT State Championship.
2 Danny goes over the fence to rob a grand-slam homerun as a 12-year old All-Star for the Milford International Little League.
1 Playing catch with the family at the Field of Dreams, Dyersville, IA.