I can speak from a somewhat unique perspective as this is my 3rd Master’s Degree – that of a masochist. All kidding aside, all three Master’s Degrees have been from different institutions and I feel that this one has been by far, the most valuable and most enjoyable. The format definitely played a major role as did the quality of the instruction that we received. However, what I believe set this apart and will stay with me the longest is the relationships that we have developed over the past 2 years. I believe that we have learned almost as much from each other as we have from the professors (well almost). We came from many different backgrounds and disciplines and I know that I learned a lot from everyone in the class (thank goodness you didn’t charge me $43K each). The feeling that I have is one that I can only compare to the one that I have experienced only a couple of times in my professional career. That is the feeling when you complete a monumental project that required much sacrifice and pulling together as a team. When achieving the final goal, you feel a sense of accomplishment, however, it is tinged with a sense of regret, knowing that things are about to change. You will be losing something that has been built up over the course of time and that you have been valued and become comfortable with. At the end you realize what a great team you had and been to war with but would be willing to go back to war with again. I want to thank everyone for the last 20 odd months. Although we won’t be seeing each other every week on Thursday, I believe that we have forged relationships and that we will never lose touch. Whether its the investment club, the birth of a new business, periodic cocktails, alumni activities or just emails and holiday cards, it’s becomes a kind of metamorphosis rather than a loss. That’s our challenge. In conclusion,  I couldn’t have asked for a greater group to have gone to war with and know I’d do it again in a heartbeat!!!! I truly believe that this was a special cohort and this will be demonstrated over time. Let’s work as hard keeping in touch as we did successfully completing this program. All the best and continued success to everyone. Now, reintroduce yourselves to your friends and families.