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  1. Thanks for sharing the wonderful story of James O’Rourke and this beautiful Statue. I enjoyed your article… your dedication to our national pastime is obvious! Keep up the fine job.

    Yours in baseball,
    Mike Bielawa
    Author of Bridgeport Baseball; Baseball in Baton Rouge and
    From FarField to NewField: The baseball Dream of Orator Jim O’Rourke;
    James O’Rourke Statue Committee

  2. Not only the Yankees but they created a monster in the National League too, called the Phillies. They didn’t want to leave out the National League fans so they gave the fans a team to hate there too.

  3. Max was Uncle Max to me. He and my dad were first cousins. I had not seen him in years. Shortly before he died he was being inducted into the Philadelphia Jewish Sports Hall of Fame. I went and saw him, said hello and sat with him and his family. It was a great night.

  4. Hi,

    I don’t know if you can help me.

    My Grandfather was Bud Mahon, long time city Treasurer of Hartford until 1978. I remember his telling me stories of baseball in Hartford, the Twilight League etc.

    He also spoke of how the teams were integrated well in advance of MLB.

    Would you know a good source to find out more about the integration issue.

    My son is doing a report on his great grandfather (Bud), and having just finished a segment on civil rights in the US, I thought it might be a nice segue to connect the two.

    Thanks for any help you might be able to give me.


    Jon Golnik

  5. I don’t know much about the subject so I contacted a friend who has some knowledge of Hartford’s baseball history. He said that he remembered Bud. He also indicated that the story of Hartford’s baseball integration has yet to be written but it is indeed a lively story. Both with instances of being integrated and segregated. It was not a smooth line of progression in the Capitol City.

    While there is no single resource for digging up the information, there are books on the general topic of baseball and integration.

    He advised checking Hartford’s attempts in the online Hartford Courant. He also suggested trying to contact SABR and see if someone there might be willing to help.

    I wish I could be of more assistance. Best of luck.

  6. Roger – My sister and I cannot thank you enough for ALL that you have done to help us get as far with the petition as we have: your articles, your postings, your “underground” contacts/knowledge etc…..we are so very grateful. Just know that she and I are doing this not just for Doc, but our late father (Daniel) and late grandfather (Roger), Doc’s youngest child…..they loved the grand-game of BB and I like to believe that my father is up there somewhere saying to me what he OFTEN said to me in relation to my miserable schoolwork: Keep pitching!!
    Best, Marjorie

  7. Some are hers and some are mine (from when I was on the Disabled List). We both thank you! (actually, there’s also a couple of me that you took including the Team Photo – 🙂 Thanks!)

  8. Thank you very much for covering this event. I really appreciate your kind words about my work. Great photos too.
    Take care and thank you again,

    Susan Clinard
    Sculptor of the James O’Rourke Statue

  9. I enjoyed your article, thank you for all of it: as a European I did not know much about baseball, but you opened me to it!
    I like your apreciation of Susan’s work, being an artist too (and her mother-in-law), I am really very happy that you covered this event so well.
    Thanks, you are a great journalist!


  10. I have been a MET fan my whole life. Tom Seaver started the ball rolling for this orginization. Been to many games and have been through many disappointments. LET GO METS