The Designated Hitter…Time to End the Experiment

It’s been 37 years since Ron Blomberg of the New York Yankees became the first designated hitter in MLB on April 6, 1973 kicking off the American League’s 3-year trial run of the rule. The advent of the designated hitter … Continue reading

Interleague Play – Is Baseball Better With or Without It?

Interleague play has been around for 14 years now.  Through 2009, the American League held the edge over the National League 1,673 to 1,534 and has won the season series 9 of those 13 years. The benefits of interleague play … Continue reading

It’s a Hit! A Hometown View of Our National Pastime… in Fairfield, CT

I took the opportunity to visit the Fairfield Museum and History Center special baseball exhibit, “It’s a Hit! A Hometown View of Our National Pastime” the other day. It was an interesting look into local Fairfield/Bridgeport baseball. I really enjoyed the … Continue reading

Baseball Expert Mike Francesa Says Payroll Disparity Not Outrageous

I was listening to WFAN this afternoon and Mike Francesa once again shocked me. I wasn’t going to write this on my blog, however, there doesn’t seem to be a way to send a message directly to Mr. Francesa.  It seems that … Continue reading