Stadium #39 is #30 of the current active 30!!!

This is the trip that achieved my first major goal – attending a game at all of the current major league stadiums. But this is not the end – just another beginning. I also found time to hit a few other spots on the way down and back for some icing on the cake. I couldn’t think of a better way to complete my quest than with my family watching the Mets. Thanks to my family for putting up with some long drives and a lot of stops – they’re stuck with a real FANATIC! Of course, I can still help them on their stadium journies: Danny and Bobby (21), Cathy (23).

I would also be remiss if I didn’t thank Wes Kirschner (26). We enjoyed many a trip together and I look forward helping him finish his quest.

The parenthetical numbers indicate how many MLB stadiums they have under their belts.

2008 08 12_0845

This may mark the temporary completion of my MLB quest (2009: CIti Field, Yankee Stadium, 2010: “Twins Ballpark”), but it’s all about the journey and this one is far from over.

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